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Bedroom Basics (WP 148) $15  -
pattern includes:duvet, shams, pillowcases,
& three decorative pillows
Project Pictures Below

Fabric Requirements

Bedroom Basics Cover
Mood Swings (WP 149) $15 -
pattern includes: four topper quilts
& five decorative pillows

Project Pictures Below
Fabric Requirements

Mood Swings

Sold Out JT-C1989 Cream
JT-C1989 cream
 JT-C1993 Tan
JT-C1993 tan
JT-C1993 Tea
JT-C1993 tea
Sold Out JT-C1995 Ecru
JT-C1995 ecru
JT-C1995 Ivory
JT-C1995 ivory
Mood Swings Blues & Greens
Sold Out JT-C1993 Spa
JT-C1993 spa
Sold Out JT-C1995 Pool
JT-C1995 pool
Sold Out JT-C1993 Teal
JT-C1993 teal
JT-C1993 Blue
JT-C1993 blue
JT-C1995 Denim
JT-C1995 denim
JT-C1993 Navy
JT-C1993 navy
JT-C1993 Sage
JT-C1993 sage
JT-C1995 Dill
JT-C1995 dill
JT-C1993 Leaf
JT-C1993 leaf
Mood Swings Reds & Purples
JT-C1993 Spice
JT-C1993 spice
JT-C1995 Terra
JT-C1995 terra
 Sold Out JT-C1993 Brick
JT-C1993 brick
JT-C1993 Lavender
JT-C1993 lavender
Sold Out JT-C1995 Iris
JT-C1995 iris
Sold Out  JT-C1993 Grape
JT-C1993 grape
Mood Swings Prints
JT-C1994 Cream
JT-C1994 cream
JT-C1994 Tea
JT-C1994 tea
 Sold Out JT-C1990 Multi
JT-C1990 Multi
JT-C2153 Spa
JT-C2153 Spa
JT-C2153 Sage
JT-C2153 Sage
Sold Out JT-C1991 Cream
JT-C1991 cream
 Sold Out JT-C1991 Purple
JT-C1991 Purple
 Sold Out JT-C1991 Teal
JT-C1991 teal

From Happy Days to Moody Nights step out of the box with the Bedroom Basics and Mood Swings patterns using the Mood Swings fabric collection. These patterns offer an exciting year of over 15 projects. Create a bedroom with three different moods, neutrals, light and darks, from one fabric palette. The Bedroom Basics pattern starts with the neutral duvet (can be quilted) and is the foundation for the "Mood Swings" projects. The photographs below will demonstrate how easy it is to change look the of your room by adding topper quilts and pillows on the neutral base. See a video demonstration of Mood Swings...

Bedroom Basics Neutrals - Duvet, Pillow Shams, Pillowcases, & three Decorative Pillows
Neutral Bedroom Basics
The duvet cover uses curved piecing, ruching and traditional piecing.
The standard pillow shams stay on the bed through all the mood swings.
The pillowcases are changed with each mood.


Mood Swings Pattern

Moody Nights & Happy Days Reversible Quilt with split binding

Moody Nights Side
Moody Nights Reversible Quilt
Reverses with Happy Days Illusions (shown below)
A spin on a traditional log-cabin using an hour-glass center.



Happy Days Illusions Side
Happy Days Illusions Reversible Quilt
Reverses with Moody Nights (shown above)


Out of Sorts Triangle Quilt
Out of Sorts Triangle Quilt
Uses a 60 degree triangle ruler and 17 fabric skus from the collection.
This project is perfect for adding a pop of color without making three different looks.
The triangle pillow (shown on right) uses leftover pieces from the quilt.
The ribbon pillow (shown center) is a fun dimensional project.


Sunny Outlook Applique Scallop QuiltDelightful Mood Applique Quilt
For the applique lover, this fun scalloped edge throw will brighten your day.
Button accents we added to appliqued flowers.


Mood Swings Panels
Paths of Faith
Many Moods of Friendship
Baby Talk

Moody Flower Pillow (included in Bedroom Basics & Mood Swings Patterns)
Flower Pillow
Easily change the "mood" of this pillow with the
button on flowers shown in the three colorways.



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