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If fabrics are unavailable at your local quilt shop contact us for assistance with fabric or kits!

At Home with Nature ~ book $15.00

Book includes three quilt patterns, pillows, duvet cover, table runner and more! Projects can be made from the Back to Nature collection in cotton or flannel.
See bottom of page for lists of trims, buttons and products used in book.

Fabric Variations: In order to make the Barn Raising Log Cabin in the Back to Nature blues (shown on inside front cover) use fabrics: light side (cream) ~ fabrics 1, 3 & 4; for the dark side (blue): fabrics 5, 6 & 7; block center & inner border ~ fabric 9;
outer border & binding ~ fabric 6.


Buttons used in the book were provided by the Dill Button Company -
Below are a list of product numbers to assist you in ordering:

  • Cream button with oak leaves and acorns: 300886/ 25-12 (shown on decorative point & envelope pillows)

  • Large dark red layering button: 410040/60-12 (shown on envelope style pillow)

  • Dark brown button with silver leaves: 300010/ 23-25 (shown on lap front pillow)

  • Large brown square button: 410046/ 60-12 (shown on three section pillow)
    Wooden button with leaves: 290569/ 28-12 (used on duvet closures)

Texture Magic™ by Superior Threads is used on the three section and envelope style pillows. This is a great product with a fun tactile effect. Simply sew Texture Magic to the back of your fabric, apply steam, and the fabric magically shrinks approximately 30%, creating a beautiful textured effect. After shrinking, result is permanent. Washer, dryer, dry clean safe.

Trims used in the book were purchased from Products from Abroad -

  • Large red ric rac: 01163 100% Cotton Jumbo Ric Rac 30mm color 72 (shown on applique leaf pillow edges)

  • Lacing trim: 04616 100% Cotton, 25mm color 45 (shown on both three section pillows)

  • Twill tape: 00107/11 100% Cotton Twill Tape 11mm colors 71 & 23 (shown on three section pillows)


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